Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Edwardian Inspired Red Tam is Perfect For Cold Weather

     Who is watching Downton Abbey (raising my hand over here)? I love to see what hats all of the girls are wearing. While my own Gemini Vintage upcycled sweater hats are not anything that you will find on Downton, I do draw inspiration from hat styles of the first half of the 1900's.

     Gemini Vintage sweater hats are fashioned from sweaters found during my thrift store hunts. I enjoy the challenge of finding sweaters in great shape and gorgeous colors and love to use them for my sweater hats. My hats are all hand cut and sewn by me in my little home studio.

     This all cotton hat features a same color shabby flower sewn securely on to the hat.

Upcycled Sweater Hat in Red

Upcycled Sweater Hat in Red

Upcycled Sweater Hat in Red

Upcycled Sweater Hat in Red
     Please visit to see this listing and all of Gemini Vintage Store's offerings.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jamie Lynn Spear's Spiral Wrap Hymnal Bracelet

     Last year I had the insanely cool opportunity to sit in on a radio station performance by Jamie Lynn Spears at KRTY in San Jose, California. For the record, Jamie Lynn has a naturally beautiful voice. I brought along two of my hymnal spiral wrap bracelets to give to Jamie Lynn and to Britney. I didn't expect much from it, I was just hoping to see a few photos here and there of her wearing the bracelet. I was blown away when I saw this post on recently!

Jamie Lynn Spears' hymnal bead bracelet

Jamie Lynn Spears' hymnal bead bracelet

"Recently a fan actually gave me this bracelet [see above], which is so cool. I've been bathing in it, I shouldn't, but it's old hymnal book pages that she rolled up and made a bracelet out of, and she made my sister one to match and I gave it to my sister. I just thought that was really thoughtful and really cool, because it's musical but then also has that religious part too. I went to a radio station and I played a few songs for some radio people and she was there. She gave this to me and I thought it was so cool. I wear it everywhere. I wear it pretty much every day. I love those kinds of things that you get. Nobody else will have them, and they mean something to me."

Here is the full article:

This is really the best testimonial that a maker can receive. It's true that the beads are water resistant and it's also true that no one else will have them. No two of my bracelets are identical, even though they may have the same color patterns. I create the beads from the actual books, not copied pages, and no two are exactly alike.

Jamie Lynn Spears receiving a
 Gemini Vintage Store hymnal bracelet

Jamie Lynn Spears receiving a
 Gemini Vintage Store hymnal bracelet

Jamie Lynn Spears and I wearing our spiral wrap bracelets

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What Happens When You Use Your Kid As a Model

I asked my daughter to help me by modeling my tams for me. She hemmed and hawed and finally agreed. We were about two hats in and she was already complaining. So she made a face and decided that goofing off was fun! Turns out if I let her be silly, I get some great product shots in between!

Goofy teen photos

Goofy teen photos

Goofy teen photos

From this:

Goofy teen photos this.

Goofy teen photos

Again. This.....
Goofy teen photos this. Amazing, right?

Goofy teen photos

"Sipping tea".

Goofy teen photos

And dancing.

Goofy teen photos

Goofy teen photos

Goofy teen photos

I know I have a photo of myself looking just like this from when I was her age.

Goofy teen photos


Goofy teen photos

Welcome to this little glimpse of my life.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

An Embarrassing Amount of Selfies

*For any of you who wonder where in the hell I have been lately. I've been, um, busy. Real busy.*

That's what happens when you go to an event where all of the celebrities are available to the public. Waaay too many photographs! So, I thought I would torture you all with them. Cuz my family doesn't care to see them again.

See my cute sunglasses? Ya, I broke them that night :(

Joe Nichols

Jason Michael Carroll (aka JMC)

The sun is so brutal here!

Dustin Lynch

Jon Pardi

Nick Hoffman of The Farm

Jerrod was in the shade. Best photo :)

Jerrod Niemann

Canaan Smith

This event, Golf and Guitars, was a two day event this year. I'm quite sure that the artists were up pret-ty late the night before. Everyone except for Canaan, above, put on fake smiles. What troopers!

Brett Eldridge

Chuck didn't even bother. His adorable sense of humor did return later in the day. 

Chuck Wicks

Thomas Rhett

Jack Ingram

Maggie Rose

Troy Gentry

This photo below was an event from three days before. Steve Holy played this event. I got this photo from Orangevale Pow Wow Days facebook page. See where Steve is standing? I was right under him, at the stage. So my photos were, um, crappy. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen one. 

Steve Holy at Orangevale's Pow Wow Days

Monday, May 6, 2013

House Finches - Cute!

Look who is hanging out in my yard? I wonder if the neighbors would have a cow if I put our feeders for them?

Do you see the female holding the nesting material in her beak?

Pair of house finches

Pair of house finches

Pair of house finches

Pair of house finches

He looks like he is posing for me!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Skinny "Potato" Salad

When I was in Los Angeles last week, I overheard someone saying that she replaced her potatoes in her potato salad with cauliflower. Huh? Genius!!! So I tried it. Here is an approximation of what I did. I just threw stuff together and tasted as I went along. Loved it!!! It was every bit as creamy and sinful as the hi-cal stuff you get in the deli.

Skinny "Potato" Salad

Skinny "Potato" Salad

 Cauliflower "Potato" Salad

  • 1 head cauliflower, steamed and chopped, cooled.
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 1 tsp mustard powder (optional)
  • 1 ripe large avocado
  • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon gourmet mustard
  • 1 tablespoon sweet pickle relish (or chopped sweet pickles)
  • 1 red onion, chopped
  • whatever other fixings you like - bacon, chopped boiled eggs, jalapenos, etc. 
Mix it all together and chill!

I didn't use any of the "other" fixings at the bottom but I did think they would be very good added in. I love mayo so I didn't leave it out entirely but it's healthier if you do. The cauliflower is much lower on the glycemic index so it won't mess with your blood sugar. The turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic so be sure to include this. The red onion is a fat fighter and a good source of vitamin C. The avocado is a source of very healthy fats and is just wicked good. The avocado is what gives this salad the sinfully creamy mouth feel. We ate it for dinner last night with some nitrate free chicken links and we really, really felt like we were blowing our diets *eating this. I need to see if I can fool the kids with this next!

*Chris and I are in our third week of the Fast Metabolism Diet. I have lost about 4 lbs so far but Chris has been losing 5 lbs every week. He seems to be on track to lose the 20 lbs in 28 days that they advertise. His body was definitely working in starvation mode. If you have a history of yo-yo or crash dieting, I highly recommend this diet. I don't so my results aren't as drastic. Plus, on this diet, you eat a lot. Like, a LOT! Love that! And, no, I have not been approached or asked to endorse this diet. I saw it on Dr. Oz.......

Saturday, May 4, 2013

CUTE!! Pink Gingham Tiered Apron Upcycle

So did you see my silly mistake on yesterday's post? I can tell you I did NOT make the same mistake with this one. Well, mostly because this one didn't come with pockets, lol! I followed the same method as my earlier apron upcycle tutorial.

This one was a girls skirt. I love using girls skirts for these aprons because 1) they are shorter and 2) they're CUTER! If you choose a girls size 14-ish, just before junior's sizes then you still get the desirable apron front coverage that fits a wider variety of sizes.

Am I right?? Isn't this the cutest thing you have ever seen?? I lucked out with this one, I was just passing through the kid's aisle, making my way through the Salvation Army store and this print was sticking out. Score!! I know I need to spend more time in that section.....

Pink gingham apron

Some kid loved this skirt. There was a rip on the lower tier that I found just when I thought I was finished. No problemo, I LOVE the patch I used!

Pink gingham apron

See the patch? It is from a ridiculously loud dress that had the most amazing floral pattern and gold glitter. This fabric is best in much smaller doses, lol! 

Pink gingham apron

There were also a couple of very small holes at the top that I pulled closed with thread.

Pink gingham apron

I can't wait to do these girl's skirt aprons again. Ooooh, they're so cute!