Friday, February 24, 2012

First Post

Hi everyone! I am Christine and I am behind Angel Stitch Embroidery. I'm sure you can guess, I do embroidery. I actually do lots of crafts including sewing, crocheting and painting walls and furniture but Angel Stitch is where my embroidered projects will end up.
This is not my first blog rodeo, I also write Sugar and Trash. Sugar and Trash is meant to detail my adventures in thrifting and upcycled crafts. While Sugar and Trash contains posts that are all over the board, so to speak, Angel Stitch Embroidery will focus on all things embroidery related. (Well, maybe some photography, family and pet related stuff)
I chose the name Angel Stitch because I want to reference God in some way and all of the other good names were taken.....this may surprise a lot of people who know me because I don't go to church, haven't been in about 3 years. I am not a fan of organized religion but I do have my own relationship with God and I have been praying my little heart out asking for some creative mojo lately. He came through and also showed me some scrapbook scripture, it seems that He wants me to use my craft to spread his Word, which is okay by me because I do love how my projects are turning out. I guess its a win-win for both of us, right?
Anyway, I do hope that you will visit often. As of today, this blog is a work in progress, there will be minor changes coming up as I complete the "construction".
See you again soon!

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