Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Love the Salvation Army!

I love Salvation Army. My "local" store (local in quotations because it still takes me an hour to get there) has 50% Fridays. Since I had to be in that area anyway today I shopped and SCORED! Check it out:

Sheets, sheets and more sheets from Salvation Army

Remember my quilt in progress? This will be the backing. Yay!

Rose printed cotton sheet

Rose printed cotton sheet

This map sheet is to die for!!

Tommy Bahama bed sheet from Salvation Army

I also found this blazer for five bucks. So cute!! I think I am going to embroider some super adorable design on it and likely put it for sale in my Etsy shop.

White blazer

White blazer

The only thing I didn't photograph was a twin sized mattress cover. If I don't use for Jezebel (the motor home) then it will go on my daughter's bed.

This entire lot cost me a whopping 


What did I say? Score, right??

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