Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Something Bout a Truck (Kip Moore) Lacy Cuff

The inspiration ~  Kip Moore. {OMGHEISSOHOT!}

Yes, that is me with Kip. He is one of the sweetest guys on earth too <3

Kip Moore

The embroidery ~ His current hit, "Something Bout a Truck" is a catchy one and its on the radio all the time. So, why not wear it on my wrist?

Something Bout a Truck Girly Cuff

Don'tcha just love that teeny~tiny gingham? Would you believe, this used to be a men's XXL cowboy collared shirt? Meaning, I had a good amount of fabric to work with! I was so lucky to find this shirt at a garage sale last weekend.

Something Bout a Truck Girly Cuff

I added some iron-on interfacing on one side to keep this cuff from being too floppy. The embroidery was all done in a split stitch.

Something Bout a Truck Girly Cuff

Added some vintage lace.

Something Bout a Truck Girly Cuff

And I added a button claimed from a thrifted denim dress. And a little ribbon loop to close it. 

Something Bout a Truck Girly Cuff

This one won't be going on my Etsy {its MINE! ALL MINE!}. But, if you have a song title or quote, or even just your name, that you would like to do this with, just convo me on Etsy. Kk?

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  1. A mens shirt?!, I would not have believed that!! so pretty and feminine now!!
    i am your newest follower from the hop..pls follow back if you can.