Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A New Fan Cuff { Sort of }

Hey, any Frankie Ballard fans out there? In my home he is known as my "boyfriend". Lord knows, I have a lot, but Frankie is at the top of my list. He recently posted a mailing address for himself and asked for old school fan mail. So I am going old school, teen style and sending him a handmade gift. I hope he likes it <3

Motor City cuff

Yep, Frankie is a Michigan native. Below is the back side of the cuff, fabric obtained from a really, really cool men's shirt that was too small for anyone in this family.

Motor City cuff

Double snaps on this one.

Motor City cuff

I did not turn the edges, instead sewing it so it will purposely fray. I did double stitch the edges, in a veeerrrrry small stitch so hopefully the edges won't fray so much that the cuff falls apart.....

Motor City cuff

Motor City cuff

In this photo are Eddy (Frankie's guitar player), me and Frankie. See? Boyfriend. Mmmm-hmmm.

Frankie Ballard

Not sure why the videos insist on staying stuck together but whatev . . . . .The first one is for you guys and the second one is pure self indulgence. Enjoy!

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  1. I love this cuff!! That fabric on the back is fabulous!

    Thanks for sharing @'Sew Cute Tuesday'. I'll be featuring you tomorrow, so be sure to stop by and grab a 'featured' button!