Friday, May 11, 2012

Breastfeeding Debate?

I have had one hell of a week. One family member is going through the beginnings of his treatment for non-hodgkins lymphoma, there are multiple school functions this week and I found myself awkwardly in the middle of some family drama. My head is spinning! Its all winding down, thankfully, and I have the weekend ahead. Of course all of this means that I have no (none, zero, zilch) projects to show to you.

Instead, I thought I could talk about what everyone else is talking about. Wait, no, not Obama's support of gay marriage. Although, that's been a long time coming. (If you want to marry your same sex partner, just go to NASCAR capitol, North Carolina because California is clearly too backward yet.)

No, what I thought I could talk about is Time Magazine's breastfeeding cover.  { Hey, how much do these parenthesis look like boobs? }  Have you seen it yet? I only found it because I was skimming over all of the Yahoo news..... It shows a nearly four year old boy standing on a chair with his mother's breast in his mouth.

Time's Cover

I have to say, the extended caloric burn has given her a stupendous rig! But, back on track . . . This debate of whether he is too old, if she is gross, creepy or whatever else people think really serves to prove how Victorian this society remains. Look at these children below. They look to be about the same age as the child above. I don't think anyone in their society is having a problem with their near nakedness and nursing their four year old children. I found this at Jodine's World.

This image “Dani mothers breastfeeding their infants”,
taken in the Baliem Valley Irian Jaya New Guinea Indonesia,
 by Gerald Stanley Cubit

While I was looking for photos I came across these. I think they're pretty adorable. (And think about it . . . . there is cross species milking all around. Hello, cow's milk? And the old farm practice of using goat's milk to feed orphaned puppies or kittens . . . . .)

Woman breast feeding a fawn.

woman breast feeding monkey
Woman breast feeding a monkey

I know I am all over the place here but the point that I am trying to make is that breast feeding is the most natural thing in the world. Its nourishment just the same as is wheat growing from the ground or an apple from a tree. Western society has oversexualized a natural food source to the point of making it criminal in some instances. Hello, indecent exposure? 

We all know that breast milk contains important antibodies to protect our children's health. No mother wants to see her child sick. My own boy is battling pneumonia right now. If I could put him on my boob to cure him I would (although at the age of seventeen, I don't think he would go for it). In addition to antibodies, fresh milk contains beneficial bacteria essential to optimal gut health. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of allergies and asthma, the severity of illnesses when baby/child becomes sick and contributes to healthy growth of the teeth and jaw and releases calming hormones within the mother. Its a win-win, a healthy, natural and inexpensive (free!) way of nourishing our children with the best food available. It is not creepy, not child molestation, certainly not un-natural or indecent. It is just healthy, plain and simple. 

Want to know who I think is really at fault? The porn industry. For brainwashing men and pre-pubescent boys into believing that breasts are strictly for their sexual pleasure. Their concern for their own piles and piles of money only serve to objectify women and victimize the children by robbing them of the ability to take nourishment whenever and for however long they please.

Here are some other species who nurse well past infancy ~

Nursing calf

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