Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Navajo Inspired Embroidery on Vintage Jumper

The inspiration ~ I have been seeing a lot of Aztec and other aboriginal type of crafts lately. I've always had a soft spot for Navajo art, after having visited New Mexico in 1992.

Crochet: Directions for Navajo Afghan, crochets, border color
Navajo Afghan

The embroidery ~ I found this 80's vintage misses (junior's, maybe?) Chiori jumper at a garage sale recently. I thought this diamond pattern would look cute on it. The jumper itself is so cute that I thought doing flowers on it would be cute-overkill.

Navajo inspired embroidery

I did a little multi colored chevron on one of the bib pockets.

Navajo inspired embroidery

And added some french knots.

Navajo inspired embroidery

I did multi colored diamonds along the bottom of the skirt.

Navajo inspired embroidery

I did this on the front and the back.

Navajo inspired embroidery

What do you think? Did I modernize it a bit or is it still totally 80's? Even so, I have noticed that the 80's are back in a big, big way anyway.....


  1. I've always loved American
    Indian designs from long ago
    and your update to this piece
    is perfect...
    I also wanted to thank you for
    your comment today on my Rose.
    I'll take your info about pruning
    it this fall.. and do it! I sure
    would like it to continue each
    season to be the beauty it is..
    Thanks again

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