Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trying to Avoid Crazy

I don't think that I have introduced you all to Beethoven. I found "Bee" (pronounced like bay) in the grocery store parking lot back in December. He is a most gorgeous all white cat with one blue eye and one green eye. When I saw him I expected that he would be completely feral but, no, he was actually very friendly. And hungry. So I loaded him in the Explorer and he came home with me.  In January he suddenly became ill, with very labored breathing. He was in congestive heart failure. Then he developed severe skin allergies. (We are all suffering from some nasty allergies right now, as I am sure many of you are too). So now I have a beautiful white cat with bi-colored eyes, a bad heart, red blotchy skin, who is dropping fur 


Oh, and did I mention that he is deaf?

I cannot yell at him from across the room to get off the kitchen appliances.


Yep, he sits on the microwave. He also balances on top of that electric mixer there to the left of the microwave. When I have a chance I will be making a cover for that mixer. No one wants pancakes from it right now. Yuck. I will also be making cafe curtains for this window. Nothing like looking at the back of the microwave from the front yard . . . . .

Here is a favorite pet nap spot. The ottoman as well as the chair.

Beethoven's fur

I made a slip cover for the ottoman using a thrifted cotton sheet. I made it too big, I am glad its not obvious in this photo. Since I scarcely know what I am doing myself, there will be no tute for this. Sorry.

Slip cover for the ottoman

Now they can nap on this to their little hearts' content and I will not be driven crazy by hair stuck to the microfiber. The chair is next. See? Sanity saver. 

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