Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's the Haps?

I seriously have not had time to sit at my computer in several days now. Facebook, I miss you! Some of it was planned, like yesterday and Sunday. Some of it was not planned due to urgent visits to the doctor. No computer time also means no time for any projects. I still do not have but a couple of minutes of computer time today, just enough to squeak out this little post to let you know that I haven't disappeared. And to be able to share what cool planned stuff has been keeping me so busy.

My son had his prom this past Friday. I had nothing to do with these cool outfits, it was Jackie's aunt that did it all. She is so talented and clever with steampunk details, something that I couldn't do. I love the steampunk look, I am just at a loss as to how to achieve it. For me, its like my ability to do math. I know its simple and I just don't get it.....

Steampunk prom

We took a road trip to Redding, California to see the total annular eclipse. This photo below shows how the sunlight dimmed. It was rather like a cloud cover but without the clouds.

Kids enjoying the eclipse

I went to Golf and Guitars in Sacramento, California yesterday. We got to meet all of the country music acts and some of them are definitely more playful than others. We didn't roll back into town until 2:30 this morning.

Chuck Wicks

I got to meet Kix Brooks. People loved him but I thought he was a little patronizing. He actually said "that's okay, you're just nervous" when I realized that I didn't hand my camera to my friend for this shot (we were looking for it). Ya, okay, I was spaced but I wasn't nervous. Whatev.....

Kix Brooks

This next guy, Nick Hoffman, is seriously charming. Very nice guy.

Nick Hoffman of The Farm

So, here you have it. I will post more about the prom outfits because they are seriously impressive, more about the solar eclipse because that was just cool and I have yet another blog that gets some love every so often and the Golf and Guitars photos will go there. And I will definitely get busy on some new embroidery. After I get through today.....

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