Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's in a (Baby) Name?

Okay, off the embroidery subject today.

I'd heard yesterday that there is "controversy" about Jessica Simpson's baby's name. I mean, I see why. She named her daughter Maxwell Drew. Really, though, isn't someone always saying something when a celebrity gives their offspring a name that isn't in line with what is currently popular?

I, for one, was really hurt when my own family was critiquing my choice of baby names. I cannot imagine a stranger doing that! And, millions of them?!? Makes me cringe just thinking about that. I had tossed around the idea of Cosette for my first born. I thought it was unusual, beautiful and delightfully French sounding. And, yes, I had recently seen Le Miserable in the theatre. My mom flipped! Something to the extent of "you can't give your baby that ugly name!". I think my sister might have said the same thing. Ugh.

My husband and I ended up choosing Jessica for our first as a girl's name. I liked the name but it was #1 on the popularity list (back in 1994). I grew up with a very popular name and it did bug me for years and years. My child ended up being a boy and we named him Glenn. Plucked that one right out of the family tree. 

Child number two ended up being Fumiko. A most unusual name for a girl if you ask anyone in America (very popular in Japan, though). What if I were a famous person? What a field day they might have had with that one! Too ethnic, too unusual, too_______ (insert criticism here). But this one was also plucked from the family tree, on her father's side.

I have to add here, I think if my daughter turned out to be a Jessica, well that would be funny. She kind of resembles Jess (New Girl on Fox) when she is wearing her glasses and looks like Cece when she is not. Its the long, dark hair with bangs that does it. (Who saw it this week? Asian Jess, lol!!!) I have taken to calling her Fefe. No, she is not happy about that.....

Okay, back on subject. I have a few things to say about Maxwell's "masculine" name. 
  1. James King
  2. Drew Barrymore
  3. Cameron Diaz
  4. I also once new a little girl named Dylan
  5. Ashley was originally a boys name. 
  6. So was Courtney.

Remember when Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger had their baby, Mathilda? Oh, people went crazy over that. But then I do believe that old-timey names began making a comeback around that time. You never know, maybe Jessica is beginning a boy-name-for-girls fad.
I like the name Jessica chose for her baby. I love that she, too, pulled it from the family tree. People should really leave her alone.

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