Thursday, July 26, 2012

Country Music Themed Cuffs

* Update ~ Garlic Festival photos can be seen here *

This weekend is the Gilroy Garlic Festival! Yayyyyy! Since I only live an hour from Gilroy I am so going. I'm not excited about the food because I am currently doing this gluten free/vegan thing so Garlic Festival food doesn't exactly jive with gluten free. In case you were wondering though, yes, I have tried garlic ice cream and yes, it is awesome.
Anyway, the actual reason I am hitting the festival this weekend is for the entertainment. It will Jon Pardi, Dustin Lynch and Due West. I have already seen Jon Pardi and Due West and looking forward to seeing them again. Dustin Lynch will be an extra treat, that dude will be making the big time very soon.

Jon Pardi

Dustin Lynch

Due West

So if you have read this blog at all you will have seen these cuffs already (but blank). If not, then stay tuned! The photos show the cuffs completed up until the buttons and button holes. They are there now but I knew I was going to lose my good daylight before I could get them done . . . . . I just couldn't wait to take photos and show them off!

Rather than the performer's names on the cuffs, I embroidered titles of current songs. Fun, right?

Missin' You Crazy by Jon Pardi

Cowboys and Angels by Dustin Lynch

Bible & the Belt by Due West 
Cuff backing

For the uninitiated, here are some videos for me you to enjoy.

Lordy, tell me you don't think they are all GORGEOUS! I cannot wait.

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