Sunday, July 15, 2012

Embroidered Flamingo Blouse

How is everyone? My laptop seems to be taking a dump lately. Hoping its just a bad battery. I was thinking about maybe replacing it with a Blackberry Playbook. Does anyone else have a BB Playbook? Thoughts?

Anyway, here is the actual post. I have had flamingos on the mind lately. I even got me one of those plastic flamingos for my yard :-D. I figured I had to put a flamingo on a blouse (or two!). I drew this design out then traced it in pencil on to the blouse. A few stitches and a few hours later I have this:

Embroidered flamingos

Because the blouse is already such a great pink, I did the flamingos in black. I think it gives the blouse a retro 50's vibe.

Embroidered flamingos

The blouse itself is an adorable stretch cotton Club "Z" Collection brand in a size 2X. I love the 3/4 length sleeves and the styling. It even has a little pocket on the sleeve. 

Embroidered flamingos  

As you can see, I would wear this with cut-off jeans. I'm sure it would be adorbs over capris or a pencil skirt.....
Embroidered flamingos

And that fake-o Katniss braid really pulls it together, right? LOL!

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