Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Off Topic Tuesday ~ Swag Lamps

I don't have any exciting, new project to show today. What I do have are piles of cut denim, with Sharpie pen designs on them, waiting to be stitched. So I thought I would talk about swag lamps.
Being that this is a blog about embroidery, swag lamps are a bit off topic. So I decided to create "Off Topic Tuesday"! Here is the first edition.
I love, love, love swag lamps. I'm a Gemini and that makes me a bit non-committal. I love that I don't have to do anything super permanent and still have overhead lighting. I found this beauty at a garage sale weekend before last. I snagged mine for $5.00! The below photo is not my actual lamp but one just like it. I am NOT selling mine!

Sweet Swag..... Vintage Hanging Lamp Optic Amber Glass Globe
Orange swag lamp by Vintage Nesting

I posted a photo and a description to my personal Facebook page and it turns out that my grandparents had one just like it, as did my aunt and uncle and a friend. Lol, sounds like these were a dime a dozen back in the day! Probably a lot of crushed orange glass in landfills now :-(
Anyway, in honor of my new 70's~licious lamp, here are some other beauties to be found on Pinterest.

Ha! I have one just like this one! I had spray painted my ReStore find yellow last summer. Glad to know I have style.

Pinned Image
Yellow rattan swag lamp.

Ooohhhhh. I like green too.

Pinned Image
Green swag pendant lamp

This . Is . Cool .  Lord knows, I gave a gazillion jars here at the house.

Vintage Swag Plug In Canning Jar PENDANT Light by LampGoods, $59.00
Ball mason jar lamp

I do love the cage thing right now too.

vintage wire basket swag lamp / industrial ceiling light.
Wire basket cage lamp

And that's it. For now, at least!



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