Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tough and Tender Scrappy Cuff

I was up at six this morning, indulging in my Pinterest obsession. Anyone else obsessed? Ya, I am just joking, I know you are all obsessed . . . . I wanted to see what others are doing with fabric cuffs. Because, again, I know I am not the only one. 

I found some beautiful, romantic cuffs made with scrap (vintage) fabrics. I gathered inspiration from cuffs such as this one :

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Vintage2Glam on Etsy

And this one :

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Retro Café Art Gallery: Bird Fabric Cuff Bracelet 

I love the super ~ girly romantical stuff but I wasn't quite feeling it for my cuffs today. Maybe with a couple of glasses of red wine and some swooney music in the background I could get in the mood. But, hey, for a cuff made from men's jeans, a men's button down shirt and a vintage button, I did pretty damn good.

Scrappy fabric cuff

Although a button is featured, this cuff actually snaps. The button is attached to the fabric flower and then to the cuff.

Scrappy fabric cuff

The men's shirt was torn into strips for the scrappy look and pleated on to this cuff. Two seams in a straight stitch attach the fabric to the cuff.

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There is a zig zag stitch all around the perimeter of the cuff. If I dare say so myself, the stitch is nearly invisible because the thread matches so darned well.

Scrappy fabric cuff 

I used double snaps lengthwise, because, well, I just wanted to. 

Scrappy fabric cuff

What do you think? Romantic enough? Or do I need lace and stuff?

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