Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Classic Truck and a Song Lyric

I was listening to my boyfriend, Frankie Ballard, today and his song, Get On Down the Road, is as catchy as the rest of the songs on the album. In the chorus he sings

"So I, I better get on down the road
As fast as I can go
Gonna let these big wheels roll
And crank up that radio
And pull my hat down low
And get on down the road"

So of course, in pops a classic truck into my head. So I google classic truck. And I find this beauty.

Swoon!!! So I draw it.

Ford truck

I used my new Adesso drawing tablet. Clearly I need more practice on that thing.

Ford truck

Then I went all high tech and lined up the fabric to the print out of the drawing and held it up to a window and traced the image.

Ford truck

I realized that the words on the print out were much too small so I free handed them in pencil to the fabric. Ummm, yeah. Kind of wonky. I swear I haven't been drinking today . . . . .

Ford truck

Oh well. I made it for myself. And my boyfriend, Frankie. I have no idea what I am going to do with it yet. Maybe frame it rather than stretch it over a hoop? I'll bet it would be cool to make a rustic barn wood frame and display it in that.

Ford truck

See? Boyfriend.
Miss you Frankie. Come back to California soon, k? Mwah.

Frankie Ballard

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