Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Legwarmers and Boot Toppers

I am soooo looking forward to fall, how about you??? Leg warmers, boot toppers, sweaters, long pants, I cannot wait for any of it! Even though it has still been mid-summer hot here, I have been diving into my wool and yarns.

I crocheted some ribbed boot toppers. I seriously want to be wearing my leather boots right now!

Crocheted boot toppers

You don't even need a pattern for these boot toppers. Just use your favorite medium weight yarn and a hook that will allow a fairly loose stitch ( I think I used a J hook ). Chain 30 and DC in the back loop for all of the rest of the rows. Connect the sides when they get to a width where they wrap easily around your calf ( or whatever part you are wearing them on ).

Howza bout these leg warmers made from a wool and cashmere blend sweater? This photo makes them look so irregular but I swear to you, they are the same length! (Maybe almost)

Legwarmers upcycled from a sweater

Legwarmers upcycled from a sweater

I know some of you are seeing cooler weather already. How about a roll call? Where do you live and how fall-like is your weather this week?

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