Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sugar and Coffee Rush?

I made teff peanut butter cookies last night. Sooooo yummy!!!!! Seriously, these are so much better than I remember traditional peanut butter cookies being. Crunchy, sweet, mmmmmm. I followed this recipe from Traditional Foods except that I added one egg to the recipe. ( I had tried the recipe without the egg but the cookies ended up melting all over the place.) I also used regular sugar instead of the maple syrup. I know that maple is healthier but let's face it. Sugar is cheaper.

Peanut butter teff cookies

Peanut butter teff cookies

Peanut butter teff cookies

Thank God for small pleasures, huh?

I have to plug DreamPower. I volunteer for this organization and they have spent the past 10 years providing services to disabled children and adults, foster kids and kids in "the system" and recently began working with veterans and their families. DreamPower has just moved to a new facility. Its definitely the nicest place yet! I hope you check them out.

DreamPower barn

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