Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Watch Out California Drivers!

We have a new driver on the road! Glenn finally got his drivers license, at the age of 18 years and 1 1/2 months.

If you see this kid driving, get off the road immediately.

Because he is 18 and responsible, I do give him some freedom that I wouldn't allow a younger kid. Our town is pretty much an hour's drive, at least, to anywhere else. And Glenn's friends are all in San Jose, 75 miles from Los Banos. I do let him drive over the hill (but he has to pay for his own gas). Here is our "hill". Thirty five miles of windy highway over the Diablo Range.

You can, um, bet your sweet booty that we tortured the kid by accompanying him over the hill twice before we let him drive it alone. It can be a tricky road even for experienced drivers. Check out this blog post I found:

Pacheco Pass is a heavily traveled highway that has claimed the lives of many people. Through the Coast Range between Los Banos and Gilroy CA, it has a history of tradegy that goes back to the 1800's. Indians called the Pacheco Pass the "Trail of Tears". It was their road to freedom from the cruel rule of Father Felipe Arroyo who held them as slaves at Mission San Juan Bautista. Many people, while driving on the Pacheco Pass, have felt lost, fear, panicked, and very dizzy. Sylvia Browne drove on the famous highway with her husband and felt a uncontrollabe sense of anxiety. "This is what hell must be" she said. As she began to pray but only felt more uncomfortable. "Help me" she said to her husband clutching his arm. "What is it honey, tell me?" he said. She later learned that he had repeated the words over and over, finally shouting when Sylvia failed to answer. She had never heard him. He was unable to pull to the side of the road so, he kept on driving. The terror continued and got worse for her after she started seeing apparitions. She saw a little girl in a covered wagon cowering with her fists pressed against her eyes while Indians were seething with anger around the wagon trail. Scenes from a series of battles followed involving the Spanish, Mexican, and American settlers all passing before her eyes repeatedly.

Finally as they reached Casa de Fruta, a popular tourist attraction that was the site of artesian well where the Indians once stopped to refresh themselves before the hazardous trek, Sylvia and her husband began to subside but, an intense depression came upon them. Other people have felt that the ride on Highway 152 is a nightmare that they never want to relive. One person said they felt "paranoid, feeling as if the other cars were out to get me". The reason being that people don't like driving on the Pacheco Pass, is because there have been many deaths and accidents. There use to never be a median in the center so people use to drive between 80 and 100 MPH. They would collide into eachother and crash. Some died and some injured. My sisters live in Los Banos. To get there, you have to drive on Pacheco Pass. Many times they have drove down here to San Jose and I to along with my parents have drove down that highway. The highway is huge. About 40 minutes of driving on that highway to get to our destination. Never in our lives have we felt anything negative but, while driving along Pacheco Pass, if you look around the hills which are full of trees and no people except for cows and horses, everything else is the setting for Big Foot, you can sense that there are some spirits still there. Indian spirits perhaps. Suicide seems to be another not infrequent cause of death on Pacheco Pass. People appear to run off the edge of the road for no apparent reason. For some reason, there is an obsession that leads drivers to speed on the mountain highway. Maybe it is a compulsion to get out of there as quickly as possible. Although edited, this story is from the book Haunted Houses in California by, Antoinette May

While I have never seen any of the rumored midnight hitchhikers (you can read about those here) I have seen 'things", in the form of swirling white shadows. And skid marks on the road that lead right off the cliff on the side of the road! Although this road is one of the most beautiful in California, it is a nail biter! I have been staying up late at night waiting for my boy to come home safely <3

The photo below is where my family refers to it as "the two lane part". Gorgeous, right?

Pacheco Pass

If you ever want a good case of the heebies, just search "pacheco pass haunted" and you will find some good hair raisers! Oh, and if you see my kid driving, pull over immediately, lol!

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