Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Almost Burned The House Down

There is this cute little blue farmhouse around the corner from my neighborhood. Tiny little thing, can't be more than 850 sq feet inside. Looks like a bitty 2 bedroom, 1 bath. An adorable shade of blue and it is surrounded by cow field. I guess I should say it used to be cute. Poor little house was gutted by fire last week. All of the windows blown out and the yard is positively blackened. I don't even know what was in the yard that was reduced to such embers. I am always shocked when I see a burned house. The sense of loss kind of squeezes me right to the core. It could be because I watched a friend experience this. She and her little dog escaped safely but that was it. Just her, her dog and the pajamas she was wearing. Her story has a happy ending though. She rebuilt a beautiful home on the same lot and has the same little dog <3
This almost happened to my house yesterday. I really thought I was about to watch my home burn down. My son was cooking bacon on the stove, had too much grease and it caught fire. I put a pan lid over the flames to smother them and it worked for a second. Them flames whooshed out from under the pan. I grabbed my big box of baking soda from the pantry and as we knocked the lid off, flames burst out, to a height taller than both of us (the kid is 6 feet tall, mind you). The plate of bacon on the counter caught fire too. The kid pushed the plate away, he was NOT planning to lose the bacon, lol! I doused the whole thing with baking soda and the fire died down quickly. I took the nasty, burnt pan outside and we had to disconnect the smoke alarm and open all of the doors and windows. The three of us, Glenn, his girlfriend and I, stood outside shaking like a leaf laughing while the worst of the smoke cleared. As we were checking the exterior fan vent for smoke and flames ( I wasn't convinced that it didn't catch the fan system on fire), I was realizing how fast this stuff happens. If the kitchen went up, would I have had time to save all of the pets and my most, most precious material belongings? I once knew a very nice lady who rescued and fostered cats. She gave her life trying to save them from her own house fire. Crazy thing is, she escaped safely and died when she went back into the home.
Our story had a very happy ending, of course. We still have the house, the burnt pan cleaned up well (love cast iron!) and we still got to eat the fried rice with BACON!
From now on, for as long as I live, bacon gets cooked in the oven, not on the stove. I will always have a giant box of baking soda in the pantry. And I guess I need to go buy a fire extinguisher. Yes, we have some. They are a little long in the tooth, though.......

Please take a few to watch this video. This demonstrates how fast these things happen. Turns out that Glenn and I had put this fire out at the very end of our "window".


Also, be sure to clean your fan filters. If I hadn't just done this just a week ago, this could be a very different post. One Good Thing by Jillee shows how to get all of the funk out.

cleaning the greasy stove vent filter
One Good Thing by Jillee

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