Monday, October 29, 2012

Holiday Jewelry

Have you starting dropping gift hints to your sweetie yet? Ombre is still huge.....why not wear it too?

Marina Necklace
Marina Necklace by KL Collection

Ursala Teal
Ursala Teal by KL Collection

Ursala Black
Ursala Black by KL Collection about tribal? Tribal has been gaining steam lately too.

Zora Necklace
Zora Necklace by KL Collection
Padma Necklace
Padma Necklace by ZAD Designs

Here is the one I got for myself. Its not ombre or tribal. Its just a shiny, glittery, bib!

Giselle Silver
Giselle Silver by KL Collection

 I love my necklace, its so fun to wear!
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