Monday, November 5, 2012

Sandy and Allie

Well. What a day. I've got dinner on the stove (hamburger stew to go over roast red potatoes, can't wait!) and its dark out but the day is far from over, lol!
When I should have been photographing my newest projects, I was watching Katie Couric and crying my eyes out. Anyone else do this today? The stories of loss of human life and homes continue to rip my heart out. And, now, the victims of Sandy have a nor'easter bearing down on them. It's just awful.
I am also having to care for a sick puppy. You may remember that Allie has a neurological problem. She cannot see well and has issues with walking and running.  My poor little Allie has a fever and diarrhea. Its hard to watch this poor girl not feeling well. I have been checking on her constantly and force feeding her pedialyte every hour. Plenty of fluids and rest, right? I sure hope this passes soon 'cuz I cannot afford another vet visit.
Here is Allie a few days ago, sporting her new sweater and harness.


Isn't she so pretty?

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