Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

I hope that all of my American friends are having a great Thanksgiving weekend! And that everyone else is having a wonderful weekend too :)
The broderie had a mild catastrophe on Thanksgiving day. I was preheating the oven for my turkey when POP!, the oven died. Ummm, WHAT? I had a twenty pound turkey, 13 guests (plus a couple of kids) coming over and a dead oven. So, what does any self respecting girl do after recovering from her panic attack? Roast the entire dinner on the grill! Yep, turkey and the fixings on the grill and mashed potatoes in the crockpot. I dare say, it was my tastiest holiday dinner to date. I do highly recommend grilling a turkey. We used our gas grill and I kept my turkey in its own pan, I didn't set it on the grill itself. It cooked very quickly though, in just under four hours. We had to keep it to rest for another two hours, the thing was done before my first guest arrived. It was a great time, I had done most of my prep work the day before so there was no slaving in the kitchen (or over the grill) and I got to enjoy my company.
The next morning there was turkey frittata and pancakes on the grill for my company who stayed over. And Saturday morning was turkey, broccoli and bok choy frittata and roast potatoes. It turns out so well that we might use the grill much more often. The potatoes are so much better on the grill than oven roasted.

Frittata and potatoes on the grill

Potatoes on the grill 
Frittata on the grill

Grilled frittata and potatoes

Grilled frittata and potatoes

So we still have no oven. And no heat. Turns out that it is our main circuit breaker is going bad. We are quickly losing the ability to use our appliances. The dryer shut down the house last night. Can't use the hot tub (major sad face here). And we are pretty much powerless until the specialty electricity parts store opens tomorrow. This is a weekend to remember for sure! I am so relieved that we will be able to fix this ourselves. Christoper and I were worried about a giant electrician bill.
So, besides becoming novice electricians in a hurry, we got some good shopping in too. And some awesome relaxation time at the bookstore. And we got our tree!

Italian stone pine potted tree

Isn't it the cutest?!? I'm going to decorate her up real special. I can't wait to decorate the house. But it might be sans giant Christmas tree this year.
How has your weekend been? Any good stories?

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