Friday, December 28, 2012

Men's Crocheted Beanie - Oakland Raiders Colors

I so love this beanie pattern, it is so easy that I have it memorized. That sure makes it easy for whipping these up while traveling or watching TV. I always just follow the stitch pattern, I throw in the color changes where ever I feel like or just make it solid. This Raiders hat was made with a size H hook, rather than the size I that the pattern calls for. I guess I tend to be a loose stitcher, everyone who wears these beanies has been rolling up the brim. So I tried this one a bit smaller and I love it. I used I Love This Yarn and ya know what? I do love that yarn! It is so nice and soft and it doesn't catch and snag on my skin like most other acrylics do. And the final product is nice, soft and stretchy.

I just did this stripe in three rows. Other Raider hats that I have made lately had two narrower stripes. I have been fairly random with these hats, I don't want the three generations of men wearing these to have to be all matchy-matchy.

Raiders inspired men's beanie

Raiders inspired men's beanie

I am getting better with my color joins. Yay!

Raiders inspired men's beanie
 * Almost * invisible.

Raiders inspired men's beanie

And here is my flapper hat from yesterday's post.  Matching hats - boy version and girl version! The boy beanies are cute and comfortable for girls, just not for this girl (pointing at myself). I think I look too manly in the beanie hats...... The person I have in mind for the flapper hat has a romantic style, I think it will suit her better than a beanie too.....

Raiders inspired women's hat

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