Monday, January 7, 2013

Gluten Free Cornbread Hamburger Buns

I'm always looking for a good, easy (and cheap!) gluten free bread recipe. While I like the gluten free hamburger buns, they can be expensive and I cannot find them within 40 miles of my home.
I love cornbread and I found that if I cook them like pancakes, I can cut them open like a pita and use them as a bun!! Here is how I do it:

1 cup Bob's Red Mill gluten free cornbread mix
1 egg
milk (I use almond), just enough to give the consistency of thick pancake batter

Mix the egg with the cornbread mix and just slowly pour milk while stirring until you reach desired consistency. Cook on a medium low pan as you would cook pancakes (just keep in mind, it won't bubble like pancakes). Let the pancake cool enough to handle, cut in half and enjoy!

Gluten free cornbread hamburger bun
 I coulda-shoulda made it pretty with lettuce leaves, tomatoes and red onions but, lets face it, I am lazy. I just wanted a burger without all of the produce this time.

Gluten free cornbread hamburger bun
 Forget about the blackened part, my cast iron was a bit too hot. Guess what? It didn't affect the taste at all. It was DELISH!

Gluten free cornbread hamburger bun

The above recipe made three decent sized cakes/buns.

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