Friday, January 11, 2013

Super Cool Mid Century Coffee Pot

Christopher and I drove up near Sacramento on Sunday to spend time with his son for his birthday and I joined so that I could spend time with the granddaughter. I simply cannot believe that girl is turning three on valentines day!! Anyway, Mama, granddaughter and I escaped for a bit so the boys could spend some alone time together. We ended up at Eco Thrift, someplace I have never been. That place is HUGE! I spotted something that I have been looking for lately, an electric kettle. My sister and my friend both served me herbal tea after warming the water in their electric kettles. I have been smitten since and have wanted one in a big way!!! What I found actually isn't a kettle, it's an electric coffee pot. But really, I just took out the percolator insert and, voila, kettle! Major score......

Vintage electric coffee pot

Isn't she gorgeous?

I also found these adorable spaghetti holders.

Spaghetti containers

Too cute right? My house is mexi-tuscan hoarder style so these fit perfectly.

Spaghetti containers

I was thinking of using the tower on the right to hold crochet hooks. Or spaghetti. I haven't decided yet. What do you think?

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