Thursday, February 7, 2013

Daisy (Downton Abbey) Inspired Tam

I'd never before heard of a beret referred to as a tam. But I like it. So, tam it is. This tam was inspired by a cute dusty burgundy (is that even a color?) that Daisy wore on the last episode (aired in the US. I know, you Brits are way ahead of us).

Hey, Girl, Watch PBS With Me?

I have been seriously loving 20's inspired hats for a while now and I didn't quite know why. Now that I am caught up with season 3 of Downton Abbey (I know, I need to go back and watch the first two), well, who can blame me?  The downstairs girls' hats are so much easier to figure out how to crochet....I need to work on some crocheted versions of the fancier upstairs hats!


I love this tam, don't you? Here is my version of it. The yarn is 100% cotton, brown yarn. I still need to write down my pattern. Lucky for me, its easy!
Its smaller than Daisy's hat. It fits closer to the head, not so slouchy. And I think its freaking ADORABLE!

Downton Abbey inspired tam

Downton Abbey inspired tam

I have another one in a tangerine color that I am working on. Oh, there are many more to come! And, maybe some removable flowers to go with them? 

Downton Abbey inspired tam

Since I am not wearing any make up for this photo, I decided to go vintage-y here. Calms down the ruddy complexion, lol!

Daisy inspired tam

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