Friday, February 8, 2013

Photography Tips and Lessons Learned

I found a fun little linky party at today. At this point its little but I hope it gets BIG! I need all the photography tips I can get!
I have a wonderful Canon DSLR camera ~ an EOS xs Rebel, the reiews said it was geared toward the beginner set. I bought it used online and my favorite boyfriend in the world got me a 55-250 lens for it. Love <3<3<3! For a long time I used the auto settings.....not the green auto box but the ones for portrait, landscape, micro, etc. I had absolutely no idea how to manually adjust my settings. Then I started paying attention to all of the photography pins on Pinterest. Lifesaver, let me tell you! Here is my go to-

Photography Tutorial

I go to when I just want to be told what settings I want. Its great, lol! I have other tutorials posted on my Pinterest board which are just as awesome and have taught me a lot but Kevin and Amanda is the ultimate cheat sheet for me. The only caveat is that I now want a new camera and lens. My aperature just doesn't go low enough. Humph.

Here are some photos I was having fun with using my manual setting. Oh, yes, manual.

See the white things in the background? Those are the supports for baby trees. A bunch of farmland is being converted to orchards, I'd heard that they are almond orchards. Yay!!!!! I will be torturing you all with almond blossoms when those babies begin blooming.

New orchard

You've heard the saying "cant see the forest for the trees"? Well, I'm opposite. I walked right past this baby for months, never realizing that it is an old olive tree. There was so much overgrown landscaping that I. Just. Never. Noticed. Weird because I love olive trees.

Olive tree

Olive tree


I finally got out here with my camera to shoot during the evening "golden hour".

Olive tree

Olive tree

Olive tree

I love playing with what I have learned! Now if I could just figure out ideal staging for my stuff. I need to paint a wall white. Or something. IDK, what do you all do?

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  1. What incredibly beautiful pictures. I wish I had an olive tree to look at and take pictures of. I can see how you would be inspired. I'll have to check out the link you reference. I can always use more help with taking better pictures.