Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cut Off Shorts With Sugar Skull Embroidery

We've all cut off our jeans into shorts, right? We don't really need a tutorial..... I will say this though, I like sew a zig zag stitch right above the cut legs to keep the fraying under control. Also, I've been seeing this cute method of cutting a triangle into the side of the leg, to loosen up the leg. So cute! 
I thought these plain shorts could use a little colorful embellishment. So I embroidered on a sugar skull! So fun :)

Here is the plain front. I love the double buttons.

Dia De los Muertos shorts

See the triangle on the side?

Dia De los Muertos shorts

I don't have a tutorial for this but there are some great ones out there on the web. I found Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials which looks like it would be a great help. For this sugar skull, I only used the back stitch, the french knot and the lazy daisy. I didn't follow any patterns, only grabbing bits and pieces from different images. Here is a great place to find patterns.

Dia De los Muertos shorts

What do you think? Would you wear a sugar skull on your butt?

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