Friday, April 19, 2013

Easy Update For Warm Weather Scarves

I love wearing light, floaty, colorful scarves with my spring and summer outfits. Such a cute accessory.....
Here is an easy update if you are getting a little bored with your collection.

Lace tipped scarf

Here it is: find some vintage lace, cut a piece and sew it to the end. That's it! Well, mostly it. The blue scarf is very delicate. I hand stitched the lace onto the scarf, I just couldn't see putting it through my sewing machine.

Lace tipped scarf

I made the pink scarf. Isn't the fabric adorable? I found it, with a bunch of other fabric, at the local St Vincent de Paul thrift store. I just cut a piece of fabric the same size as a favorite scarf of mine, rolled the edges and hemmed it all the way around with a small straight stitch. I was able to machine stitch the lace on to this one, I used a small zig zag stitch. I believe this fabric is cotton so it will be nice and light (and not icky, sticky in hot weather). Won't it look so adorable with cut off shorts and a white tee???

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