Friday, April 12, 2013

Fabric and Vintage Lace Flower Corsage Upcycle

I've been experimenting with fabric and some fantastic vintage lace that I picked up recently. I do enjoy making fabric flowers as embellishments and of course, I know that people don't always want them attached. I picked up some pins at the craft store and then just had fun with flowers.
I took a long strip of torn cotton sheet fabric, 37-ish inches by 1 1/2 inches and a piece of scalloped edge lace fabric cut to the same length and zig zag stitched them together along one side only. I then hand sewed a running stitch along that edge so that I could rouche and tighten the strips. (My sewing machine set to ruffle didn't work well and I still have trouble with my ruffling foot). Then I just pulled, wrapped and sewed the flower. I added a cute vintage button to the middle of the flower and the pin to the back. Quick and cute :)

Vintage lace and fabric corsage upcycle
The scalloped edge lace, when rouched just so, makes a nice, sweet flower. It took me at least four tries but I got it!

Vintage lace and fabric corsage upcycle

Here is the pin nestled into the back.

Vintage lace and fabric corsage upcycle

And here I am, *ahem* modeling the pin. Do you see the cuff that I'm wearing? More vintage lace, from the same skirt I cut up. I will show that one closer tomorrow. So come back and check it out!

Vintage lace and fabric corsage upcycle

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