Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Re-growing Romaine, Celery and Green Onions Experiment

Okay, so I am late to the party. We all know now from Pinterest that we can re-grow some of our veggies as a do over. I've been doing this for a while with green onions and celery.

I put my celery into the dirt. I get a lot of leaves, very little stalk from it. Which is okay for me because I love using the leaves for flavoring. Here it is living with my mint.

Regrown celery

I am a terrible gardener. I often forget to water and we live in a warm climate. So these neglected green onions are doing surprisingly well. My kitchen window faces north and never gets direct sunlight so I have to keep these outside. The inside ones were so pale!!

Regrown green onions

The tallest of these little romaines was started a week ago. Aren't they cute??  I am thinking of putting them along my back fence. My back neighbors water frequently and the soil next to the fence is always moist :-)  I also empty the turtle tank water back there so there are lots of nutrients in that spot.

Regrown romaine lettuce

Here is the one thing that I have successfully grown from seed. Sweet italian fennel! The seeds sat on the ground for a full year before sprouting. They exploded last year! I am in my second fennel season. It isn't like the big bulb kind of fennel, these bulbs are skinny and the stalks are very leafy. The leaves are good in sandwiches, replacing lettuce or sprouts. Soon I will have lots of flowers on them. I love the delicate wispiness of the plants.

Italian fennel

Here are some roses thrown in just for fun. This climbing rose plant blooms only in April. All the other months in the year, this bush is an overgrown pain in my @$$. I want so badly to tear it out. Except in April.

Climbing roses

Climbing roses

Climbing roses

I love this rose bush. It is out of the way, next to my cyprus trees. And it puts out the most beautiful blossoms! All. Year. Long. <3

Pink roses


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