Monday, April 8, 2013

Vintage Bohemie Fashions!

Wow, is it windy here! California is taking some pounding winds today. It sounds like thunder claps when it gusts. You know this Gemini is happy, hehe.

I've been perusing current fashions on Wanelo and Pinterest today (when I should be working or cleaning house or something...) and I am so tickled that styles I grew up with are appearing on the younger set today!
For example, I graduated high school in 1987. Okay, I know I just dated myself. I wore a prairie style soft denim button up dress with a lace hem. Haha, no one was wearing these! Until the next year. Then EVERYONE was. I am so excited that the prairie style is back!! I pinned some of my favorites on my Pinterest. All photo captions link back to seller.

Prairie style dress

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Lacy prairie style top 

Now, let me take you a bit further back. All of my older cousins were wearing these back in the 1970s.

Crocheted halter top

I'm diggin' those cut offs too.

Crocheted fringed tank
Crocheted top

This one just makes me think of Woodstock. Of course, even I was too young for this. Love this photo too!!!!!

Crocheted fringed bikini top

Oh, and this one is completely current. But so cute! I love skull fashions right now. 

Skull cut out top

Aren't these fun?


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