Thursday, May 23, 2013

An Embarrassing Amount of Selfies

*For any of you who wonder where in the hell I have been lately. I've been, um, busy. Real busy.*

That's what happens when you go to an event where all of the celebrities are available to the public. Waaay too many photographs! So, I thought I would torture you all with them. Cuz my family doesn't care to see them again.

See my cute sunglasses? Ya, I broke them that night :(

Joe Nichols

Jason Michael Carroll (aka JMC)

The sun is so brutal here!

Dustin Lynch

Jon Pardi

Nick Hoffman of The Farm

Jerrod was in the shade. Best photo :)

Jerrod Niemann

Canaan Smith

This event, Golf and Guitars, was a two day event this year. I'm quite sure that the artists were up pret-ty late the night before. Everyone except for Canaan, above, put on fake smiles. What troopers!

Brett Eldridge

Chuck didn't even bother. His adorable sense of humor did return later in the day. 

Chuck Wicks

Thomas Rhett

Jack Ingram

Maggie Rose

Troy Gentry

This photo below was an event from three days before. Steve Holy played this event. I got this photo from Orangevale Pow Wow Days facebook page. See where Steve is standing? I was right under him, at the stage. So my photos were, um, crappy. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen one. 

Steve Holy at Orangevale's Pow Wow Days

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