Saturday, May 4, 2013

CUTE!! Pink Gingham Tiered Apron Upcycle

So did you see my silly mistake on yesterday's post? I can tell you I did NOT make the same mistake with this one. Well, mostly because this one didn't come with pockets, lol! I followed the same method as my earlier apron upcycle tutorial.

This one was a girls skirt. I love using girls skirts for these aprons because 1) they are shorter and 2) they're CUTER! If you choose a girls size 14-ish, just before junior's sizes then you still get the desirable apron front coverage that fits a wider variety of sizes.

Am I right?? Isn't this the cutest thing you have ever seen?? I lucked out with this one, I was just passing through the kid's aisle, making my way through the Salvation Army store and this print was sticking out. Score!! I know I need to spend more time in that section.....

Pink gingham apron

Some kid loved this skirt. There was a rip on the lower tier that I found just when I thought I was finished. No problemo, I LOVE the patch I used!

Pink gingham apron

See the patch? It is from a ridiculously loud dress that had the most amazing floral pattern and gold glitter. This fabric is best in much smaller doses, lol! 

Pink gingham apron

There were also a couple of very small holes at the top that I pulled closed with thread.

Pink gingham apron

I can't wait to do these girl's skirt aprons again. Ooooh, they're so cute!

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