Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kitchen Shelf Curtain

Do you remember my mexican sunflower pillow covers that I wrote about recently? I had fabric left and a messy kitchen cart that needed covering.

Kitchen cart

My poor little kitchen doesn't have enough storage for the oft used appliances such as my crockpot and stand mixer so these things live in my cart. As nice as this cart is for extra storage, it is not nice to have to look at that mess.
Since the extra fabric I had left from my pillow covers was the right size, I took a few minutes to make my curtains.

Kitchen cart curtain

Since I don't tend to take myself, or my decor too seriously, and since I have never seen an interior of a Mexican restaurant that I didn't like, I have fun with a bit of south-of-the-border flair to go with my vintage. This fabric fits in perfectly, with the vintage-ness of it, the orange color that appears throughout my home, and the Mexican sunflowers!

To make the curtain, I did the easiest possible thing (outside of leaving a raw hem) and used fusible bonding for the hem. Here is what I used:

Kitchen cart curtain

I have a spring rod, cafe curtain clips, fusible bonding, and scissors to cut the fabric and bonding tape. Be sure to follow the instructions on what ever web you use if you make these curtains....all I did was fold my fabric, iron down my intended hem, cut the bond to size, slip it under the hem and iron it down. LET IT COOL BEFORE TOUCHING IT. I remembered this the hard way. The end of the spring rod popped off so I could slip the curtain rings on. Then just clip the fabric however you want to to make your curtains. This is really the easiest decor change ever.

Kitchen cart curtain

On top of the cart, keeping the soda stream company, are my vintage Mexican clay bean pot and a silverplated coffee pot holding a small mexican sunflower and lavender bouquet. 

Pssst! I use the clay pot to hold paper napkins. Cute, right? It gets moved to the table at mealtimes and back to this display spot when we are finished. I cannot use a "normal" napkin holder because the cats will steal the napkins when I'm not looking.......

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  1. Cute! It looks 100 times better. Now if only you could make curtains for other under counter appliances as well...