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Wholesome Food Plan and Apple Banana Einkorn Pancakes

I was clearly born in the wrong decade. I have more of a 1900's body type, not a 2015 body type. I haven't been "skinny" since I was in second grade. And, then, I was called "too skinny". As if there is such a thing anymore in popular media. I am saying this because I am tired of trying to conform to someone else's idea about the correct body type. As Clinton Kelly once said on What Not to Wear, "there is no wrong way to have a body".

1906 swimsuit model from

I'm this girl: with boobs, a belly, legs and I have a butt too. While I have never suffered from a bona fide dangerous eating disorder, I did have some habits that destroyed my insides. I have been allergic to pasteurized milk since I was a child, but didn't realize that I had the allergy until I was 39 years old. My dairy habit wreaked havoc on my system for my entire life. I was a vegetarian for eight years, thinking that I could make my body submit if I didn't feed it meat. After some painful injuries, I took enough ibuprofen to fell a horse. And, I grew up eating processed foods. 

This is me with the hubs. Morro Beach, California. August 2015.

This is me, at Morro Beach, California, in August 2015.

I believe that a combination of all of these things led to my gluten intolerance. And, it's not only gluten. It is corn, processed sugar, and sometimes potatoes. Oh, and any processed gluten free foods, such as rice bread and cookies! While I have been working on improving my diet lately, I thought that I could share it with you all if anyone is one the same journey that I am on. From now on, I will strive to be healthy. If I lose weight, great! If I don't lose weight, great! Whatever. I am going to be the healthiest, strongest me that I can. Here is my plan:

#1. Exercise - I joined the gym in December 2014. While I am not as committed as I was earlier this year, I do still go to use their treadmill, pool and yoga classes. When this oppressive California heat lets up, I expect that I will go more. There is just something about the heat that makes me say "naw" to doing ANYTHING! Here is the thing with exercise. I think it helps to have a goal (besides weight loss) to shoot for. I need help with relaxation and tight muscles, so the yoga is so helpful here. I also want to go hiking when the weather cools so the treadmill is a great trainer to prepare me for more challenging hikes. And, the pool. Swimming is just plain awesome :)

#2. Foods - NO MORE pre-packaged or boxed gluten free foods. I feel terrible after I eat them and I know that I am not the only one. I have been gluten free for over 7 years. It's not easy giving up bread of any kind. I know, for myself, I can restrict, restrict, restrict, and then I go nuts over a craving. I refuse to do that roller coaster anymore. It's back to the basics now. Real, wholesome foods. Real bread made from ancient einkorn flour. Since I am not an autoimmune celiac disease sufferer, I am able to tolerate this flour. Raw milk diary. Whole fruits and veggies. Bone broth. 

Here are some ideas for eating real foods.

Bone broth: Bone broth is easy to make. You can use the leftover bones from a roast chicken (this is what I usually do) or pick up some beef bones and feet from the butcher. Cook them with lots of water (like, 6-10 cups) in your crockpot for 24-48 hours. I have to hit the go button a couple of times. Sometimes after the broth has cooked overnight, I will add some carrots and celery. When the broth is done, I love poaching an egg or two in some hot broth and drinking it like an egg drop soup. It makes a great breakfast!

Juice and smoothies: Weekday mornings have me juicing carrots, apples, and romaine lettuce. I will then use this juice as the liquid for a smoothie including fresh spinach leaves, frozen bananas, and frozen berries. This is amazing! I also add some food grade diatomaceous earth to the smoothie. 
*The smoothie alone is too much natural sugar for me. I need the protein so I will drink the smoothie plus have some of the bone broth or a hard boiled egg.

REAL food: grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes and bacon, egg salad sandwiches, meat and veggie dishes with bread, hamburgers, you name it! As long as the food is the best quality that you can afford, it's real (not processed) and wholesome, its good stuff. 

I will leave you with a fun recipe - Sugar Free Apple Banana Pancakes! They are sugar free because the banana provides it with the sweetness.

Makes 7-8 large pancakes
2 apples (your favorite), chopped
coconut oil, olive oil, or butter
1 1/2 cups einkorn flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 large ripe banana
1 1/4 cups milk (I used unsweetened cashew milk)
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla

Saute chopped apples on meduim-high heat using the oil or butter. When cooked and softened, set these aside. Mash the banana in a large bowl. Add milk, eggs and vanilla and whisk well. Add flour, baking powder and salt. Mix well. Drop batter onto hot, oiled or buttered pan. Add a spoonful of the cooked apples and top the pancake with a bit more batter. Cook until bubbles have formed on the entire pancake. Flip and cook until browned. Repeat until batter and apples are gone.

Apple banana pancakes

Here are the cooked apples that go into the pancakes.

Apple banana pancakes
Apple banana pancakes

These pancakes are every bit as delicious as they look. We top them with 100% natural, real maple syrup.

Apple banana pancakes

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