Thursday, January 26, 2017


     Are you ready for this?

     We have a new family member! Phoenix is a white schnauzer and we are fostering him while we get some medical issues worked out.
     I won't bore you too much with details (if you want to see more, check out I will just entertain you with photos right now!

     This is his intake photo at the animal shelter. He was PETRIFIED. He has a skin condition under his neck that the veterinarian and I are trying to get to the bottom of. Poor little guy was so aggressive that he scared everyone off of wanting to touch him. Which was a real shame, because like any child, he just wants to hang out with people and play.  I thought that we would be spending weeks working on rebuilding trust with him. 

Phoenix the white schnauzer

     As it turns out, we only needed less than an hour at home for him to turn back into a "real" puppy. He still lashes out occasionally, but not anywhere near as much as he did at the shelter. Unless you are veterinary staff. He is in rare form at the vet's office!

     He was in our laps the first night. 

Phoenix the white schnauzer

     If you are at all squeamish, avert your eyes here. This is the skin stuff we are dealing with. He simply cannot stop scratching. He is literally tearing himself up.

Phoenix the white schnauzer

     These next photos are day two captures. He is much more relaxed and social. And, cute! He is quite exhausted from the past few days and is sleeping it off.

Phoenix the white schnauzer

Phoenix the white schnauzer

Who else has puppy stories to share?

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