Saturday, January 7, 2017

Outlander book page bracelets

     Raise your hand if you are an Outlander fan! I had not heard of Outlander until a couple of years ago. We were visiting the in-laws for Christmas a couple of years ago and my mother in law told me about how they had been watching the season one marathon. She told me what the show was about and while it sounded interesting, I had no desire to become engrossed in a tv show. So, fast forward a couple of months and I remembered our conversation. I checked out the first episode and I was HOOKED! As soon as we wore out all of the episodes that I could, I picked up the book. I ended up reading the entire eight book series in only six months. It is such an amazing series!!
     That conversation proved to be very serendipitous, as my Outlander bracelets have been best sellers since I began making them.

I have some with sterling silver charms, such as this Scottish thistle:

Outlander bracelet with sterling silver Scottish thistle charm

Outlander bracelet with sterling silver Scottish thistle charm

I also have this sterling silver dragonfly:

Dragonfly in Amber bracelet with sterling silver dragonfly charm

How about the ship for Voyager?

Voyager bracelet

I also have stacking sets! Here is a book bead bracelet and a metal adjustable bracelet with the letters J, F, C (Jamie Fraser Claire), monogram style.

Outlander bracelet stacking set with Scottish thistle charm

These are fun! I removed the innards from a vintage watch and added a piece of a book page.

Upcycled watch bracelet with Outlander book page - "Jamie" 

This one was inspired by Jamie's hunting tartan. 

Outlander recycled book page bracelet with Scottish thistle charm

Would you wear one of these book page bracelets? Click on any of the captions to find out more!

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