Thursday, February 2, 2017

Craft Storage

     I live in a fairly small house (just less than 1300 sq ft) with no options for storage. Aaaand, I have a lot to store. I despise the idea of those plastic totes in my home but I do need storage of this type. You know I love vintage so here is my solution.

     I found these boxes at different times. The reproduction steamer trunk was a freebie left in my neighbor's driveway. The top had been torn off and it just looked like bare cardboard. I painted the top in brown and glued down photocopies of several vintage postcards. I covered the top with three layers of polycrylic to protect it.

     The trunk is stacked on top of a WWII metal document crate. This crate is green with crudely painted colored stripes. I found it tucked away in a dusty corner of the garage at an estate sale this past summer. Once we dug it out, cleared off the spider eggs and cleaned it off, it makes a handsome storage box.

WWII metal document box and reproduction steamer trunk

 The original screws are long gone, but you can see the holes where the crate top was secured with screws for transport during the war.

WWII metal military document crate
    Here is the inside of the reproduction steamer trunk. These are less than half of the books I have for beads (already cut and ready to make into beads).

Inside reproduction steamer trunk

      Here is a close up of the postcards. There are postcards from WWII, even back to early 1900's.

Reproduction steamer trunk decorated with vintage postcards

Reproduction steamer trunk decorated with vintage postcards
    I store completed bracelets in my old nursery dresser. The dresser was originally white but I painted it glossy black with silver detail and brushed nickel drawer pulls.

Repainted 1960's nursery dresser
  You can see a sliver of my reality on the right side.... a baby gate to keep dogs out of the kitchen!

What are your storage solutions? I love seeing other work and craft spaces. Leave a link in the comments!

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