Friday, February 17, 2017

Raw Pet Food

     Since I discovered that I am gluten and dairy sensitive nine years ago, I seem to be a magnet for pets with the same issues! Currently, our Keeshond, Dixon, and our rough coat Jack Russell Terrier puppy, Phoenix, have food issues.

Dixon with a beef bone

Me and Phoenix

     I have switched both Dixon and Phoenix to raw food, grain free diets. I use a simple recipe with supplements that I found here. The diet has had a very positive effect on Phoenix and has helped his skin issues greatly. Until Phoenix steals food. Then, it's back to square one. You can see where Phoenix's neck had healed, in the above photo.

Phoenix and his skin problems

     The above photo shows Phoenix at right about the time we began his raw food diet. You can see the beef bone in the foreground. 
     Unfortunately, Phoenix stole a couple of cat kibbles, which contain rice, and he has flared up all over again. The poor little guy was traumatized today when I forced him into a Malaseb shampoo bath to clean the area, as well as his dirty feet that he was scratching with. I was also able to get some antifungal/antibacterial ointment on his sore area too. This puppy is sooooo high strung, I consider it a miracle that I can do anything to treat him and not be bitten in the process. It is funny for me to see this photo because he has really grown in the short three weeks that we have had him home with us. 
     I believe that one of the reasons that Phoenix is so difficult to treat is because I am his third home in three months, not including where he was born, and his couple of days in the animal shelter. He does not feel confident, is very clingy when he is not being aggressive, and does best when he has a routine. When he feels stressed, this exacerbates his scratching, causing stress for me, and pain for himself. While my life would be so much easier if I could pass this problem on to someone else (a dog rescue group, since Phoenix is still officially a foster puppy for me), I really cannot consider this because it would be so detrimental to Phoenix's mental health and recovery. The funny thing is, I NEVER wanted a Jack Russell Terrier. They are far too high strung for me. And, now, I could not imagine giving this little guy up. I need to officially adopt him very soon, lol!
     Have you ever had a "problem" pet? Tell me about it!

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