Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Black Stallion Bracelet

     Raise your had if you are a horse crazy girl! If not, do you know one?
     I first rode a horse at age three, and it stuck with me. We were on vacation in California, from our home in Illinois, and my cousin had a horse that she let us play around on. From that moment, I was sucked in! I begged my parents for years to buy me a horse. That dream finally came true when I was 33 and I had my horse, Missy, until her death nine year later, when she was 27.

     As a horse crazy kid, I also loved any horse book I could get my hands on. The Black Stallion by Walter Farley was one of them. I loved the movie too, but I have always been a "the book was better than the movie" kind of girl.

     Of course, you know I had to make this book into bracelets!

The Black Stallion charm bracelet

      I  love the fine boned Arabian horse look of the charm!

The Black Stallion charm bracelet

     I even made the bracelet in two colors - black, and blue. Of course, I will make them in any color that you all request!

The Black Stallion charm bracelet

The Black Stallion charm bracelet

     What do you think? Would the horse crazy person in your life love this?

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