Thursday, June 15, 2017

Like Water for Chocolate

     Here is kind of an oldie, but goodie. Like Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel, was made into a movie back in 1992. It is a tragic story of parental domination, unrequited love, betrayal.....and food!

     The expression "like water for chocolate" is a Spanish expression for being boiling mad. Many Latin countries make hot chocolate with hot water instead of milk, so to be hot enough to nearly boil means that you are really angry.

Like Water for Chocolate

     Tita, the main character, was born in the kitchen of her home and grows up to be an excellent cook who transferred her emotions into her recipes. As the youngest daughter, she was not allowed to marry, instead carrying the responsibility of caring for her mother into her old age. Tita found love, but was forbidden to marry.

Like Water for Chocolate

     I found this to be such a beautiful, engaging, and tragic story that I could watch again and again. I just had to commemorate it by creating a bracelet from the book. I used the teal color because of the beautiful river featured in the story. This dark story is full of beautiful colors.

Like Water for Chocolate heart bracelet

     I completed the bracelet with a pretty heart as a reminder of Tita's love story.

     You can see the bracelet here:

     Be sure to check this story out! It is quite memorable.

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