Monday, January 29, 2018

Dances With Wolves

     Did you love Dances With Wolves? This is one of those movies that I could watch repeatedly (and I hate watching something more than once. No re-runs for me!). We most recently watched this Thanksgiving weekend.

Kevin Costner in Dances With Wolves 
     Kevin Costner is like a fine wine, amiright? Here he is above in 1990, and below in 2017.

Kevin Costner 
     Here is one of the best scenes in the movie, where Lt. John Dunbar (Kevin Costner) earns his name "Dances With Wolves".

     One of these days I will actually read the book, but until then, I will keep enjoying the movie.

     Whether you have read the book, or watched the movie, here is a way to keep Lt. Dunbar and the other characters close. This bracelet was created using actual pages from the book. The book page beads were sealed to make them water resistant, then strung together with glass beads on to memory wire. These bracelets are fun and easy to wear. 

Dances With Wolves book page charm bracelet

     This color pattern was inspired by the color of the Union soldier uniform. The bracelet was completed with a metal wolf charm.

Dances With Wolves book page charm bracelet

Dances With Wolves book page charm bracelet

This bracelet is available here and here.

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