Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Faith Bracelets

     It feels wrong to do a "sales pitch" on these bracelets this week, and it also feels wrong to not highlight them in a post. So, I'll just leave the photos here with the link in the caption.

     I've talked with a lot of people who are fans of my work, and of other recycled book projects. The most Christian people I know love the Bible bracelets. I've also literally had people set my bracelets down and walk away without a word after finding out that the Bible was used. So, I'm gonna lay it out here:

     I use real books in my craft. To do anything else (such as photocopies) is copyright infringement. It is theft. If I photocopy a book, I am essentially stealing income from the author. If I purchase a Bible to destroy, then I have still contributed to the income of those who produce and sell the items. Books, including Bibles, are mass produced. If I use one in my craft, that means that another will be made in it's place. If I use a rare vintage copy, then all of the other rare vintage copies have just increased in value.
     If I sound defensive, it is most certainly not my intention. I am proud of my craft and I am always giddily happy when I find out how much something I have made means to its recipient. I do still get (very slightly) hurt feelings when someone doesn't like it. Doing something well will always attract someone who doesn't like it, and that is okay.

     Copyright infringement is rampant today, with the availability of Disney items, Outlander inspired, Harry Potter, etc. I know that what I do can go either way. Because of that, I will always recycled the actual books. Never photocopy. Upcyclying a legally purchased item is acceptable and I want to make sure I always CMA, ya know?

     Enjoy these bracelets and have a blessed Easter season <3

King James Bible Bracelet

Vintage Hymnal Bracelet

Angel Wing Bible Bracelet

King James Bible Bracelet


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