Tuesday, September 4, 2018

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

     So, there are two things on my mind right now: Christmas and wine. Now, wine needs no explanation, AMIRIGHT? Christmas, on Labor Day Weekend probably requires a small explanation.
When I used to work retail, waaaaayyyyyyyyy back when I was a 20 year old kid, we pretty much began planning for Christmas back in August. So, all these years later, this is where my mind is.

     What do you think of when you think of Christmas? Trees, caroling, food? My mind goes to Dickens. Of course, right? One of these days, I really need to go check out the Dickens Fair in San Francisco. It always seems to be such a production to drive into SF, but I'm sure this will be well worth it.

     If you need a little something to listen to during your commute, work, or whatever, check out this audiobook on Youtube. This is the link to the first of three recordings. I will have to grab a listen too :)

     So, how about pairing Dickens with wine?? A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens features a wine shop in the story, so I had to use this wine bottle charm for the A Tale of Two Cities bracelet.

     This first one is red/silver. I thought it was pretty. And, you know, red wine.

     This one is red/brown. The red, again, for wine, and the brown is to represent wine barrels. I do love the warm tones on this one.

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