Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Succulent love

     Do you love succulents? My daughter just professed her succulent addiction to me, and I can't blame her! These cute plants are hardy in a warm climate, and make great houseplants as well. They are super fun to grow and all have their own distinct personalities.

     Recently, someone in my town had trimmed and culled her aloe and succulent plants. She put the word out of Facebook that she was giving away the trimmings. SCORE!! For the next three days, I picked up plants and brought them home and replanted them. I was using any container I could find, from old pots, to tomato sauce cans, to beer and soda cans! As long as there is enough drainage, you can get really creative! The secret to drainage is making sure that there are drainage holes in the bottom of your container, and using potting soil specifically made for cactus/succulents.

     Here are some of the plants now!

      How about this jade plant?? This one was fairly limp when I picked it up. I replanted it right away, gave it plenty of water, and look at how well it came back!

Large jade succulent plant
     It is even making new leaves. I plucked one of these sets of leaves and replanted. I am super into trying to propagate these plants. How fun would it be to have a succulent "farm"??

Jade succulent

      Here is a close up of it's rooster friend. The rooster is nestled in mint.

Rooster garden decoration
     I was really planting in anything and everything. I do think that the cans add extra personality to the group. 

     Plenty of water has been key to keeping all of these alive. Some of the aloe looked so dead, but I was hesitant to get rid of them. I'm glad I didn't, because they are ALL alive and growing!

Aloe and succulent plant

     Take a look at that bud vase. That is a wine bottle! I found this at World Market and literally bought it for the bottle. The wine was good, and how stinking cute is this bottle as a bud vase?? The wine is Moselland Riesling.

Succulents and a rose
      I love these El Pato cans for succulents. I need to get more!



     How cute is this tiger garden buddy?

Tiger cub garden buddy
     Do you have a friend who is also into succulents? Or, do you wish you could have succulents, but don't have the time or space to commit to them? Here are some succulents that require zero care! These cuties are in my new Etsy shop, Pendants Etcetera.

Succulent necklace

Succulent necklace

Succulent necklace
     These pendants are paired with a cute watering can on the necklace.

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