Sunday, October 7, 2018

Travel Opportunities

     Raise your hand if you have a case of wanderlust! (HERE!! I DO!). I love to just go places and explore. By boat, plane, train, automobile, you name it. I even have a cute 1978 Shasta motor home so that we can throw the dogs in and go if we want to! With a motor home, you are sure to have some adventures.

     Like the time we took the motor home to Oregon. And broke down in Mt. Shasta City late at night.

1978 Shasta motor home on a Chevrolet chassis

     And, woke up to this view of Mt. Shasta!!

Mt Shasta

     Do you love to escape by plane? Like the time Chris and I flew to Nashville, TN. Because there was a total solar eclipse.

Airplane wing above the clouds

     We had a little tequila tasting/pool/pizza/eclipse viewing party at a friend's home. 

Tequila sample bottles from Mexico

     And, we found this hella cute lemonade stand at Nashville's famous farmers market!

Lemonade stand Nashville Farmer's Market

      How about a good staycation? Living where I do, right smack in the middle of California, we have our choice of the mountains, the beach, the country, and big cities if we just want to day trip.

     We went up to the snow in Nevada City, Ca.

Throwing a snowball in Nevada City, Ca
      And, to the beach in Aptos, Ca.

Cement ship Aptos, Ca

     Okay, enough about my adventures. Will you share yours with me? Please comment with a link to your post about travel, or share with me some travel photos. What places are on your bucket list? I want to know!

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